Minced meat pie


Onion5 oz
PotatoMartine's fist size (*)
Ground beef 80% (**)1 lbs
Minced garlic2 tsp
Savory1/2 tsp
Whole cloves1/4 tsp
Cinammon1/4 tsp
Potato cooking water1/2 cup
Salt, pepperTo taste


Dice onions in small chunks.
Crush whole cloves.
Cut potatoes and cook them.
Cook meat in saute pan with the onions and all spices until meat is fully cooked. Salt to taste.
Simmer meat with 1/2 cup of potato water for 20 minutes (covered). Mash potato.
Mix in mashed potato.
Put crust in to steel plate (not glass nor ceramic).
Put mix into uncooked pie crust.
Put top crust on.
Spread egg wash (1 egg and 2 tbsp of water) on top crust.
Cook at 450 F (with convection (***)) for 10 minutes to golden top crust.
Cook at 350 F (without convection) for 20 minutes to finish cooking.


Cook on lower grid, closer to bottom element.
(*) Need to weight how much this is.
(**) Turns out we din't have ground pork and there was a lot of snow, so couldn't go get some. The intent was to have half beef half pork.
(***) Try to not use convection.